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Travel MidOffice Key Features

  Lead / Enquiry

  Client Details

  Quotation Buliding

 Get in Mail Approval

  Booking ID Created

  Process Booking

  Generated Document

 Company Management

  Staff Management

  Markup / Commission

  Supplier Management


Travel MidOffice Dashboard

  Graphical presentation of booking details & comparison for each services (flight / hotel / etc)

  Booking graph comparison for current and previous month, with per day view

  Quick shortcut buttons, customizable according to the frequently used operations

  Quick view for latest bookings in system, and one click open

Product Details

BlazeBE- TravelMioffice helps automate and align your travel operations with our easy integration, a fully customizable platform designed keeping in mind exclusively CRM for Travel industry and used today by most successful OTAs, Travel Agents, Tour Operators, DMCs, Wholesalers, Tourist Boards, and Start-Ups. TravelMioffice has a capabilities to manage Direct/Retail customers that is Business to Customer(B2C) & also Credit/Deposit Agent that is Business to Business (B2B)


  Quick Desktop view

  Company Management

  Automated enquiry management

  Generate Quote

  Passenger Profile Management

  Register Credit/Deposit Agents

  Markup Management

  Detailed Reporting and Stats

  Manual booking for Flight, Hotel, Transfer etc

  Staff Management

  Supplier management

  SMS Gateway Integration

  Complaint Management

  B2B Profile creations

  Providing the Credit Limit

  Associating Supplier

  Giving multiple rights as needed

  Exchange range management

 Record client enquiry, DO fare quote and & Convert it in real booking.

  Multiple payment modes – credit card/ cheque / cash / others

  Manage B2C or B2B bookings and modify the same

  Booking Queue management- Provisional, Authorized, Payment, Ticket etc.

  Consolidated Access to B2C & B2B Customer data

  Search Live fare with XML/Api with your own rates API connectivity

Customers Management

TMO has a capabilities to manage Direct/Retail customers that is Business to Customer(B2C) & also Credit/Deposit Agent that is Business to Business (B2B)

Manage B2C Direct Customer

  Customer Profile

  Preference management

  Family /Friends Profile

Manage B2B Agents- Credit/Deposit

B2B Profile creations

  Providing the Credit Limit

  Associating Supplier

 Giving multiple rights as needed

Generate Document


  Hotel Vouchers


  Payment Receipts

Supplier Management

  Register New Supplier as and when required for your business

  Manage Credentials for API supplier

  Active/Inactive any supplier at any time

  Operation Area management for supplier

  One Supplier can be managed for different prodcuts

  Supplier sales reports

  Supplier reconciliation

Query Tracker

  Take enquiry

  Enquiry Source – Email/Walkin/Google/News paper etc.

  Assign the lead to Staff

  Follow stages – Active, Inactive, Closed, Inprocess or Completed etc.

  Generate Enquiry ref no to Send Quotation

  Send quote for query

Convert query into booking

Quotation Builder

You can generate the quote from system and sent to the client and you can track the activity of staff members,on quote.

  Generate quote

  Add itinerary offline / online

  Add itinerary by search on API / manual

  Modify quote

  Send quote via email

  Send quote for query

  Receive payment for quote

  Generate Document

  Email documents

Confirm Booking

Generate & sent required document to client for every booking in the system & sent also

  Queue Management

  Booking History

  Booking notes

  Booking Amendments

  Generate eTicket

  Generate Voucher

  Generate Invoice

  Payment receipt

  Send Emails


  Sales Report

  Agent Report

  Supplier Report

  Staff Report

  Outstanding report