Why the mobile app is needed by a travel business?

With the advancement in technology and digitalization, everyone is shifting towards the digital platform, be it the consumer or the producer. The companies are launching their mobile apps and people are keener on using them as it is user-friendly.

You don’t have to search out the whole website just for a small thing. You get various filters that make the work easier for everyone. The same is the case with travel companies! They have a mobile app for easy operations and people tend to book their travel through the app.

There are various advantages of the mobile app over the website in terms of speed and functionality that are not quite available on the browser. In order to be in line with the ongoing trends, travel brands should focus more on what are the various technological advancement and the preference of the people. 

Customer support –

You should have customer support that can assist in case of any emergency. Whether you have a customer who is new or a repeated one, they should be able to contact anyone whenever they need.

If you have a travel app, you can easily contact the support in case of any doubt. It is a very useful feature for travel companies as it helps to promote your brand and customer loyalty.

Some benefits of using the app are:

24×7 support services

Contact directly from any part of the world

Notifications and alerts

Create a list of trusted vendors –

If you are operating in the travel business, you would surely have a list of trusted vendors. Your opinion about your vendor and the opinion of the client might differ. So, with the help of a mobile app, you can ask your customers to rate their travel experience.

With the help of this, you can get information about how they felt during their travel booked through your company. You can evaluate various factors on this basis:

Overall experience



Comfort level

You can compile all these ratings and get an overview of your services and various pros and cons related to them.

Keep track of customer activities –

Every business wants to know the activities of their customers and accordingly, they can plan their actions. Mobile apps can provide valuable information related to the customers and help the business in knowing various aspects such as:

 Search history in the app

Hotel and flight preferences

Track whether the customers install updates or not

Which videos do customers watch

Personalised offers –

Almost everyone in this world loves to get offers and discounts! It is a great way to attract customers and increase your sales. You can roll out various offers like:

Some points on joining app and making your first booking

Points when you refer the app to your friend

Redeem points and buy tickets

Deal with the brands to provide various deals and offers

Organise the involvement of the customers –

Mobile apps are a boon to businesses as they make the work easy for the company and the customer. Various apps have an “auto-save information” feature which makes the work easy for the customer if he is using the app again for the same purpose. Customers can look out for various things such as:

Customers can check the availability of their preferred hotel and flight on a particular date and if it is not available, then they can set an alert for it. This way they would be notified when there is any availability.

Customers can book their travel quickly with just a click. If they have previously booked travel, it would become much easier as they can get their information and not feed it again. This helps to save the time of the customer and he/she feels elated.

Customers can save their payment information such as debit cards or credit card details. This would not only save the time of the customer but also make the checkout process easy.

Customers get the option of adding all their desired services into a cart and when they check out finally, they can delete the services which they do not need. This provides flexibility to the customers and can act as a double check before availing of the services.


There are various companies that provide travel software to make the working of the travel companies easy. They develop various apps according to the needs of the company. One should get all the features in their app according to their company activities and the current trend that is prevailing in the industry.