What are the biggest technologies in the travel industry?

Travel industry is growing rapidly and various technologies are being developed to support this growth. Travel companies are also switching to technology software to support their business. There are various travel apps for the customers but on the other hand there are various B2B travel software like hotel booking engine, care booking engine, flight booking engine, etc.

Travel technology companies work hard to develop such software that would benefit the travel companies. Using the right technology which minimises the cost, increases sales and is pocket-friendly is crucial. There are dedicated Travel CRM Software that help the travel business to operate successfully. Here, we will see some factors that you must consider while investing in the technology.

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CRM-based contact apps –

Travel CRM is a boon for the travel industry. Though the web application of the software is good but the mobile support is limited. So, one of the best solution for this is the contacts app plugin. These applications deliver an upgraded version of performance and accessibility to the executives on the go.

Obviously, you can take extra plugins and upgrade the features significantly more. CRM-based contact apps work as the ideal plugin for most purposes. You have the right to giving the access to people you want and restrict giving it to someone you don’t want. A good Travel CRM would help you manage all the data efficiently and maintain sensitive data.

CRM Mobile Apps –

Travel business is growing rapidly and the business owners need to work almost all the time to manage their business. It is only possible if you have proper technology to conduct the operations it would become easy for you to deliver projects on time.

One of the significant advantage of using CRM mobile app is that you can look over your sales operation. This way you can explore the market the see the potential points for investment. You will increase your profits thereby increasing sales.

Digital Marketing Additions in CRM –

Addition of digital marketing in CRM is a trend these days. These add-ons are done on demand of the buyer. They are quite expensive but do not hamper the functionality. These are of great benefit to the backend sales manager in the travel companies.

So, it does not matter whether you are travelling or are in the office, using such software can make things feasible. It would help to explore new markets, enhance operations, build contacts, strong pitches and optimise work.

Travel CRM –

Travel CRM have become an integral part of the travel business. They have made the functioning of the travel companies smooth and streamlined the sales operations. They help to manage all the data at one place and build quotations, sales report, manage leads, send invoices, and all other operational activities.

It has made the work easy for the company as all the data can be stored at one place and staff work has also reduced. 24×7 availability for the customers is also one of the main feature. You can get the software personalised according to the business requirements.

Social Media Functionalities in CRM –

Social media is trend now-a-days! Be it personal life or business, social media has its impact everywhere. Companies are also active on social media to promote their business and interact with the user and post on social media handles to keep the users engaged. CRM social media enhancements are a new introduction in the market as they process the social media leads directly.

It is a great introduction as it can be accessed both through the laptop and the mobile app. It will streamline all the work and department head can have an overview of the responses and get the results through them. Social media can also help in increasing the sales for a company by generating leads.


Travel is on the go and so is the technology! With the introduction of various technologies in the travel industry, it has become easy for the companies to manage their operational work and increase sales. Ending this, we can say that Travel CRM is one of the best technology that has been rolled out for the travel companies recently.