How to use Travel Agency CRM for automation strategy?

There is no denying the fact that the global pandemic has hit the world differently and things have turned upside down for everyone, with the travel industry facing one of its major blows. People are getting accustomed to the new way of living and digitalization has gained its immense market share. Everyone is preferring the digital mode of living to the offline mode.

With the travel industry recovering gradually from the hits of the pandemic, various efforts are being made to take off to soaring heights. One of the trending tools for travel agents and companies is Travel CRM and if you integrate it with all its automation features, it could do wonders.

In this article, we will see how travel agency CRM can be used for automation strategy.

Manage multiple leads –

It is not possible to meet targets and achieve goals at the same time by managing business metrics manually and generating new leads that too within a time limit. So, for that purpose, you can switch to Travel CRM Software as it helps to generate and manage multiple leads.

If you have a well-designed, user-friendly website will help you increase lead generation enormously. If your website has testimonials, images from events, goals, videos from past trips, and so on, then this would act as a trust-building factor for the customers.

The content that you have on your site should be great as more information about the company and its services would help in increasing the engagement rate.

Create and manage follow-ups –

With the help of Travel CRM, you can create tasks and mark them for follow-up in the calendar. Following up with the clients is very important from a sales point of view and for that, you need to create and assign various tasks. You can set up reminders or pop-ups and even sync your tasks and meetings so that you are easily notified with a single click.

Manage your sales pipeline –

Every business aims at increasing sales and having a good sales pipeline. In this way, they could track customer’s journey and forecast upcoming sales. Travel Agency CRM has a readymade pipeline system that lets you move forward step by step.

The only thing you need to do is to update the current stage of your pipeline promptly and then, CRM would take you to the next level. This way you could also see the stage your customer is in at the moment so that you can prioritize your tasks accordingly.

Automated process of template generation –

Travel CRM provides a feature in which you can access the whole business from one single screen and with any device and the most important factor is that you get custom-branded templates. With this, you don’t need to type the whole thing every time you send an email, instead, you just need to fill in the details and send it to your customer or vendors.

Generate Invoices –

You can now convert a quotation into an invoice as soon as your customer approves it. Once they have been approved, you can simply update the sales pipeline and generate an invoice. Automatically, all the information of the quotes will be converted into the invoice template.

Automated Booking Process –

With this software, you can manage your fixed departure trips and offer multiple trips, add visuals, etc. If your customer finds it interesting, he can submit all the details accordingly. The main feature is that you do not need to copy-paste all the information to create trips. CRM will store and create new entries automatically.

Automated Marketing Campaigns –

Every business needs to focus on marketing and promotional activities to make people aware of themselves. With the Travel CRM in use, automated marketing campaigns are created and scale your business by delivering a tailored experience.


We are witnessing massive technological advancement with the people making all the transactions online. Even the remote areas are getting facilities of internet and online payments and services. Automation is extremely important for scaling your company in achieving its full potential.

Travel Technology Companies are developing Travel Portal Software, Travel CRM Software, Travel Booking Engine Software, etc. to help the travel companies sustain in the competition and achieve new heights.