How is Travel CRM helpful for travel companies?

The world is moving towards digitalization. Every company is trying its best to shift to the online platform to deliver its products and services. The manual work is being eliminated and the companies are making full efforts toward automation. Software development companies are developing such software that would help the companies in maintaining their data and useful information safe and reduce manual work.

The travel industry is also on the rise and travel software development companies are developing software that would reduce the manpower and carry on their daily operations smoothly. Travel CRM Software is one such software that helps to maintain all the data in one place. With this software, travel companies can manage their leads, and suppliers, send invoices, and carry out various other operational activities.

As the travel companies have various aspects such as hotel booking services, car rental services, flight booking services, sight-seeing services, etc. This in turn generates a lot of data for them and managing this data manually could be challenging for them. Here, the need for Travel CRM software comes into the picture! It is becoming quite popular and has various uses for companies in the travel industry.

Now, let’s see how Travel CRM can be helpful for the Travel Companies –

Manage all the queries from clients:

Whenever a person books travel, he/she has a lot of queries regarding various aspects involved in the travel booking process. Managing all those queries manually is not possible. You need software that can manage all the queries of the customer so that when you need to search for it, you can simply apply the filter and find it out. If it would have been the paperwork or the manual labor was involved, it would have become really difficult to search for it.

Manage all bookings in a single software:

Travel CRM Software allows you to manage all your bookings in a single software. You can create new bookings and manage all the old bookings in one place. You don’t need separate software for that purpose. It becomes easy for the companies to manage all the bookings in one place and filter them out when needed.

Send multiple quotes for queries:

You have the option of creating multiple quotes for a single query. For example, if a person needs to visit Dubai for 3 days and he wants a flight from Delhi, you can create various options according to his budget. Option 1 – Hotel ABC with Flight XYZ and sightseeing. Option 2 – Hotel XYZ with Flight XYZ and sightseeing. The options depend on the availability and the budget of the customer.

Manage booking documents:

You can manage all the booking documents such as vouchers, invoices, tickets, payment receipts, etc. in one place. Once the booking is complete, various documents related to the booking are generated. You need all those documents until the journey is complete. Having software that can manage all the documents safely so that you don’t panic while searching would be of great help. And, Travel CRM Software is one such software!

Manage all receivables and payables:

Accounts Receivable is the amount that the customers owe you and accounts payable is the amount that you owe to the customers. With the help of this software, you can manage all the accounts receivable and payable to suppliers and customers. This would help know what amount is remaining to be taken and what needs to be paid. In this way, you can manage your expenses in the best possible manner.

Manage all client’s information on a centralized database:

A centralized database is a database that is located and maintained in a single location. One of the most important features of Travel CRM software is that helps to manage all the client’s information in a centralized database. This would help search for the clients using various filters and also maintain the data in one place.


As we already know the importance of automation and digitalization in today’s world, shifting towards such software would be beneficial for travel companies. It would not only manage all the data but also increase sales and profit.