Travel CRM

Travel CRM is customer relationship management software for the travel companies to maintain leads, respond to queries and build strong relationship with the customers to deliver results and increase sales. It helps travel companies like travel agencies, destination management companies, tour operators, hotels, etc.

What is the difference between Travel CRM and Generic CRM?

Though Travel CRM and Generic CRM are software that used for building the customer relationship but the only feature with Travel CRM is that it can be customized with a lot of features for the travel companies. Travel CRM understands better about the need of the software in the travel industry and has in built processes which helps in faster adoption by the travel agencies.

Common features of Generic and Travel CRM –

Management of Leads

Reminder for Payment Collection

Advanced reporting

Booking Management

Email Management

Extra features in the Travel CRM are –

Travel Quotation

Itinerary Management

Voucher Management

Cancellation Policy

Booking Calendar

Types of Travel CRM –

B2B Travel CRM is for the business conversations and updates. It is for those travel companies who deal with travel agencies of all sizes.

B2C Travel CRM is for the end users i.e. travelers. It ensures that the travelers have great experience during the trip by providing them alerts and notifications while they are on their trip.

Classification of Travel CRM –

Enterprise Travel CRM is that software which is present on actual servers in the premises of the customers. It is used by large travel companies who want to manage the data of their customers and not lose it.

Cloud Based Travel CRM is that software which can be subscribed at a nominal cost by anyone and is hosted on the cloud. It was initially used by the small and medium enterprises but now all the companies are switching to the cloud based software.

Who can use Travel software?

Be it a start-up, small enterprise or a big organization, or a B2B or B2C operators, travel CRM is useful for all the companies as it helps to maintain transparency and improve interactions with the customers.

Here is how Travel CRM is used by these –

Startups generally comprise of around 5 people and this software helps them to improve their per person productivity and close more deals.

 Small businesses comprise of around 20-30 people and this software helps them to keep their employees aware and helps them to create reputation in front of their customers.

Big enterprises need to maintain their brand image so they need to adopt this software as it helps them to respond to their customer’s queries. As they cannot be on their toes all the time, they need to adopt this software.

What is the best time to adopt Travel software?

When you do not have any source of lead.

When you have no insight into what the sales team is doing.

When you have customers who are not satisfied.

When there is no consistency in the sales process.

How to choose the right CRM?

There are many factors which you should consider while selecting the software but the main ones are –

Simplicity: The user interface should be simple and understandable.

Price: You should always look that there are no hidden charges in form of in app purchase, data uploading quota, etc.

Relevance: You should always keep your case ready and well defined before opting for one.


Travel CRM is very useful for the travel companies and one should analyze all the factors very carefully before adopting a travel software which would help to increase sales. For example, you can use Travel Midoffice which is a cloud-based CRM to meet daily requirement.